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Relax…Take it easy…

Just an FYI – my blog is tongue-in-cheek for the most part. So please relax. And yes, there are plenty of great nannies, just as there great families and vice versa. One is allowed to have their own experiences… and please stop trolling.


2 thoughts on “Relax…Take it easy…

  1. My new housekeeper of 2 weeks and 3 days had misplaced a bunch of items everyday, she became lazy on week 2, lied whenever I asked why she hadn’t done whatever that was instructed, forgetful daily, she actually wouldn’t do anything I ask her to do. She made relocating my things a hobby. Today, I caught her vacuuming my cardigan with the telescopic part of the machine without the actual parts. When caught red handed (7 times) she first will lie, then will make excuses, or tells me was going to do that after blah blah…and if all else fails, she resorted to crying and telling me if I have conscience, that she has 4 kids to feed at home… I would not be checking up on her work. Anyway to cut to the point, most misplaced items remains missing. She ignored me when I confronted her about all the missing stocks of toilet rolls, packs of soft-drinks, fairy liquid, Dettol, 2 bags of 5kg rice… However, to my horror on Wednesday (she did not come, sick leave) I was left alone in my house, and when I set out to look for all the misplaced items, I realised 4 out 8 garden chairs were gone, 1 plasma TV and it’s hanging bracket missing from the wall, 6 old dining chairs from the staff room, 1 of a pair wooden kitchen stool, 5 rolls of bubble wrap, 5 rolls of parcel tape, 5 parcel boxes, 3 bistro chairs, Set of 4 silver photo frames (photos taken out and left inside a desk) 1 office chair from the office in our basement, gardening gloves, spade, garden supplies, 2 boxes of instant noodles, all the 9 rolls multipack toilet rolls from the stockroom. She nearly cleared out our stock room.
    When I confronted her this morning – keeping my sanity and calm, she reacted in the most hideous way, she started crying and walked backwards away from me, kept saying please don’t hurt me, I know you are going to hurt me, I will just go now, I don’t want to work here anymore. Proceeding to why are you hitting me (I did not lay a finger on her.) I know you want to hurt me bad….

    Then suddenly, she probably realised it wasn’t working, because I told her, you may not leave until you have signed a document for me that you acknowledge the reduction in your wages and acknowledge that you have received all the money that you are entitled to, but we will sign and explain this document with a witness, so now we will sit calmly and wait the witness to arrive.

    1 minute ago, she was crying and sobbing as if someone was beating her up, now, she was sitting angrily, no tears at all at my dining table and hissing at me.

    Her name was Lilia San Lorenzo, do not hire her.

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