‘The World According to Notting Hill Yummy Mummy’ in Corner Magazine

I was recently approached by Corner Magazine, http://www.cornermag.com, a new local, West London on-line Magazine by the people who brought Matchbox magazine, to write a column on my life as a Notting Hill Yummy Mummy. Feeling rather pleased with myself, I duly accepted. Their 5th issue just came out and my first column can be found in the Kids section about September being my favourite month, now that the girls are back in school. The magazine is filled with Notting Hill Neighbourhood information, as well as interviews with great, local people. 

Here is a photo of the title of my column, for your eyes only. For the full column, please download the magazine when you have five minutes to spare between the school run and your morning Cappucino at Granger’s.


Now, this is my first experience with online magazines. I am used to picking up a hard copy of Grazia or Conde Nast Traveller at the Sainsbury’s on the corner when shopping for my toddler’s milk and nappies (which by the way, seem to constantly be disappearing into thin air).  It is a whole new world that our UK generation is just learning about, whereas for my two little ones’ generation, it will be second nature to ‘download’ a magazine. 

In New York, online magazines have already been around for almost a decade, competing with hard copy magazines that were folding like dominos during the recession and only the strongest survived. And as all trends move from New York to London, it is only a matter of time for online magazines to enter our social fabric. I have recently painfully and reluctantly given up my hardcover and paperback books for a Kindle, realising that the only way is forward. So, here I am learning the tools of Online Magazine Navigation, feeling like a baby learning how to walk, falling down every so often but excited to learn new skills and be part of a newer generation. 






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