6 thoughts on “The Difficulties of Female Friendships….

  1. A. Stewart says:

    Rejection and exclusion are always difficult whatever age and stage you are but by the time you’ve been through a few life phases it becomes more understandable though no less painful; now that I am in the third phase of life I have come to know the wisdom of the words:

    “You have friends for a season, reason or a lifetime”

    also when somebody chooses to leave you its often about them at least as much as it is about you – especially in todays highly competitive world a female friends or indeed any other person may leave you because you are more talented, pretty, rich or well connected – you evoke uncomfortable feelings in the other person.

    Its also worth reminding yourself that when somebody is ostensibly telling you what is wrong with you or where you fall short, they are often telling you a lot more about themselves; that being so you might not value their opinion all that highly.

    kind regards and thank you for your interesting blog content.

    • Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, you’re right it’s never easy. And also your comment about friendships being for a reason, a season, a lifetime is one that is full of wisdom. I am glad you wrote and appreciated this post. Your words were very kind and helpful. Wish you all the best in life’s trials and tribulations! Xx NHYM

  2. I enjoy female friendships more but the one issue I have and it’s not the bitchiness BC truth is I find that many don’t know how to argue without having to end a friendship or let it fester. My best friends are ones I’ve been able to have screaming matches with but get over it and remain friends. I don’t believe it when certain women say they’ve never argued with a friend. I argue with the one I love the most – my husband – so how could you always be polite? Having said that main issue with friendships is the disparity in the importance one places on a friendship. It seems feelings get hurt and is actually way more damaging than any argument. Like a romantic relationship, sometimes one has stronger feelings than the other and people just need better emotional boundaries. I once “broke up” with a friend but she couldn’t handle it and I nearly had to ring the police to get her out of my house after acting loony for 5 hours. Then she tried to act normal and be a casual friend but that was never going to happen so she started to spread horrible rumours about me. I didn’t make new friends for about 5 years after that.

    • Thanks for your comment! Yes it is difficult to know how to fight with friends. Somehow its more acceptable to fight with a partner than with a friend strangely. I can’t say I am any good at it, so I could use some tips! And placing different levels of emotions on a friendship can be tricky. It’s not easy to find friends that just work easily. Or at least that’s what I think. Best of luck with it all! Xx NHYM

  3. It must be really tough for your daughter, but if she is going through a transitional time she could probably do without a fairweather friend. Now that Hannah has moved on hopefully your daughter will meet a really good friend who can support her and be consistent. I am sure that having your support will help immeasurably! Good luck with it all! xxx

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