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Spectator Life Magazine Interview With NHYM


I was recently interviewed by the Spectator Life Magazine about private gardens in West London. My words were slightly twisted and re-arranged to fit in the article’s theme, but that’s how journalism works. Journalists find an angle and they write according to it, and top it off with some sensationalism. I really didn’t paint the Americans or the financiers in such a negative light and the ‘jealousies’ and ‘shagging’ described in the article were embellished and exaggerated. But who wants to believe that harmony lives behind closed gates? And journalists don’t want boring, they want extremes.

For those who don’t know, the Spectator is a conservative political newspaper, slanted in a conservative way. In any case, this shows that elitism envy and private gardens are still relevant and that we all still seek that patch of green in the middle of London chaos:

Spectator LIfe MagazineInterviewNHYM

So, please note that my original title from my post ‘The Garden Wars’ has ended up in the article:

Perhaps I should just feel flattered that others like to re-write my articles and print them.






2 thoughts on “Spectator Life Magazine Interview With NHYM

  1. Vanessa says:

    I am a crass colonial (from South Australia) so had never been ‘exposed’ to The Spectator until I followed the link in the article. When I was about seventeen, I had a craze on Jilly Cooper novels, may I suggest that Emily Hill immediately cease reading Ms Cooper and develop her own style?

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