Publication Date: June 20, 2017

Contact: Notting Hill Yummy


‘Blogger publishes a novel about the crazy and competitive side of modern parenthood amongst the super rich.’

 The Beta Mum, Adventures In Alpha-Land by Isabella Davidson, has the Mean Girls all grown up to become Mean Mums, but in the Superrich and internet world.

London, UK – A west London mother and blogger, Isabella Davidson, is releasing her first novel, The Beta Mum, Adventures in Alpha-Land, published by Silverwood Press this summer after starting it during a 6-month Faber Academy novel writing course. It is a timely and topical novel riding on the success of the movie ‘Bad Moms’ and the TV series Motherland, both about adults-behaving-badly-around-children. A mother of two, she gained inspiration by living in west London and seeing and hearing unbelievable and farcical stories from other mums.

‘When I became a mum, there were a few times when I stopped myself and thought that I was crazy. Like the amount of stress and pressure I put on myself to organise my children’s birthday parties. I had to stop, breathe, and remind myself that it was just a children’s birthday party. Not heart surgery. In west London, expectations become so high that motherhood becomes a competitive sport. It can become about who you are, what you wear and how much you’re worth, if you don’t shut out the noise around you.’

The main protagonist, Sophie, is a down-to-earth mum who moves from Canada to west London and is immediately thrown into a world of who has the biggest house, the flashiest car and the genius child. The story chronicles her adventures in what she calls ‘Alpha-Land.’ It is about being an outsider looking in but it is also about her relationship with her husband, which changes when she inhabits this new world, and later how she imagines a relationship with someone online that doesn’t really exist.

‘A big theme of the book is how we can lose our identity when we become mothers, which leads us to do crazy things. It is about a modern view of parenthood and its tribulations; some of it is cringe-worthy but ultimately, we all want the same thing, to have happy children.’


Review: ‘Forget politics…this is a world that’s more dog-eat-dog! The Beta Mum is the hilarious fish-out-of-water tale of Sophie, a Canadian, who ends up pitted against the rich, socialite mums of west London. Isabella Davidson’s debut novel really astutely follows escapades as she tries to settle in and make friends, while finding her own place in this new, glossy world. Highly recommend!’


More info:

Notting Hill Yummy Mummy has been featured in the Times, the Saturday Times Magazine, the Sunday Times Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, the Spectator, the Financial Times and many ezines, including MyBaba Parenting Magazine.


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