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New Year, New Collaboration with Scott Dunn, luxury travel operator


Happy New Year 2016!

I hope everyone had resting, relaxing and peaceful holidays! As we all know, London can be overwhelming, exhausting and purely draining.

It’s a new year and I am ready for new beginnings. I have decided to change the direction of the blog and direct it towards a more travel and lifestyle blog, meaning more travel and restaurant reviews. This year will be all about travel. My children have reached a state of development called the I-PAD-Ready stage: they are able to sit in front of an I-PAD for hours on end without whining/crying/tantruming, which equals happy-long-haul-travelling.

So, it is with great pleasure that I am collaborating with Scott Dunn, a luxury travel operator, to look after my travel ‘needs.’

The kids may be I-PAD-Ready, but once we have overcome the flight-challenge, I need to make sure they are entertained while I get some rest from the London-treadmill and this is where Scott Dunn comes in. They originally started as a chalet operator in 1986, but soon grew to become luxury travel agents, creating worldwide tailor-made holidays and most recently have started running their own kids clubs. They assure me that their kids clubs are like no others, ensuring professional staff with age-sensitive activities in five star locations: basically, something to please the whole family.

After they approached me last year, I perused their website and saw that many of the hotels on their website were child-friendly ones that I had already been recommended by friends including Soneva Kiri in Thailand, Verdura Resort in Sicily, Carlisle Bay in Antigua and Anassa in Cyprus.

So, we are both delighted to start our collaboration next month, when they have organised our February half-term family holiday. I am really thrilled to be working with them and cannot wait for our first trip together to NIYAMA in the Maldives!




Scott Dunn is organising my trip to the Maldives in February, giving us a special offer on the hotel rooms.