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Bloggerrant & Why I am Blacklisting Tatler: NHYM Interview with Tatler on Children’s Birthday Parties


Tatler September 2015 Issue. Interview with NHYM on ‘How to Throw the Ultimate Children’s Party’

I was recently extensively interviewed on the SuperRich’s children’s birthday parties for the September Issue 2015 of Tatler. I spent an hour speaking to the writer and gave her lots of juicy morsels of gossip like where the SuperRich throw their children’s birthday parties (5*hotels), which celebrities rent out all of Bramley’s (Beyonce for Blue Ivy) or which stars rent out suites at the Dorchester for their children’s birthdays. In exchange, I always expect some kind of credit in the article. Below is the article. Now, I wasn’t credit once, whereas I really did write half of that article. Well, 75% of the content in that article is mine. Half from my Blogpost: and half from the interview.


  • The story about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed party at the Mandarin? It doesn’t actually exist, it was a story that I changed to keep the privacy of the family throwing it. This was purely a ‘copy-and-paste’ from my post.
  • The mention of the 5 star hotels as a current favourite? That was from my numerous invites to the various hotels, also included from my post.
  • Party planners Les Enfants and Quintessentially? Another of my tips & hints from my post.
  • The quote ‘no one wants their child become famous for throwing the worst parties in the class‘ was my actual quote, word for word.
  • The save the dates sent in September? Also a phenomenon in my daughter’s class.
  • The 7 years olds Netjetted to the Alps? The actual story was that they were jetted to Africa for a Safari, so another blatant journalistic error.
  • Renting out the whole of the Electric Cinema for a birthday party? Yes, indeed, another of my comments.

Sadly, the self-serving, self-absorbed writers and editors of this magazine truly do not improve their reputation by rubbing bloggers the wrong way. The Devil Wears Prada was a hit for a good reason. So, this is why I am blacklisting Tatler, their editors and writers. It is basic plagiarism, and really shows their lack of originality by copying a blog post. I don’t get paid to write my blog, neither do I for any interviews. The least I can do is try to get credit for my work. In this case, this media outlet has failed to do that, which is unprofessional and downright offensive.

Next time I get called by a magazine writer for an interview, I will think twice about working with them. Perhaps this is an indication of what some magazines are today: irrelevant and a dying breed, trying to hold onto their circulation numbers by plagiarising other people’s work.