Social Commentary

1 .Notting Hill Nurseries and The Rise of The Notting Hill Yummy Mummy

2. The ‘Fairytale Story of Alpha Mum & Alpha Dad’

3. Quote of the Day: ‘I promise you will never have to turn Right on an airplane

4. The Garden Wars: Notting Hill’s Private Gardens

5. Kids Birthday Parties These Days: ‘The Nobu or the Dorchester, darling?’

6. A Day in The Life of a Notting Hill Yummy Mummy

7. ‘Quote of the Day: But Mummy Only Daddies Work!’

8. The Help: Nanny Nightmare or Nanny McPhee?

9. Everything You Need To Know About Your Child’s Education & Success by Malcolm Gladwell

10. ‘The Pushy Mummy Brigade: Only the Best Schools Will Do, Even at 4 Years Old’

11. ‘Divorce in the Digital Age’

12. ‘How to Spot an Alpha Man’

13. ‘I want to be an -ein’ : Why I want to be Jewish

 14. ‘You know you’re middle-aged when…’

15. ‘TLC: Tinder – Loving – Care’

16. ‘What Postcode are you?’ London’s Poshest Postcodes

17. London: Love it or Leave it

18. The Country vs. The City

One thought on “Social Commentary

  1. Chris Johnson says:

    THE HOME CLUB is an exclusive network for mums.
    We receive dozens of new property and interior contacts each month in London by other mums in our network and we organise the right professional for the job i.e. builder, interior designer or even the fixtrures fittings and equipment (lighting or kitchens etc) this isn’t rocket science but instead a means of earning additional funds whilst putting the right people together. We have a growing database of suppliers and contractors and mums just come to us for help! Its that simple!
    We all support each other in childcare allowing us to get out there and meet with likeminded mums and professionals. Our network is growing fast throughout London and whilst we work locally, we interact with our other local mums growing the support network. We even have the added benefit of meeting at 37 Degrees Health clubs who support us and give us FREE coffee mornings, FREE access to the clubs facilities and their meeting rooms where we meet for presentations on new products and discussions…Its a win-win and so flexible that it just adds to the interest and the kudos of creating and delivering beautiful projects in property whilst working alongside other property professionals. Its great!!! if interested further contact Chris at: and we will forward invitation to the next meeting. London Mums Magazine often promotes us, see: … s-for-mums

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