Apple yard Flower Bouquet. All photos NHYM 2015 Copyright. 

As you probably know, I love flowers. I’ve already mentioned that I went from Club Hopping to Flower Picking since becoming a mother: and that men should know that women can always be perked up by a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


I’ve also decided that I want my daughters to become florists. Why you may ask? Well, it has been proven that being a florist is the happiest job! Oh and please note: bankers were the unhappiest.

Here’s the full list:


Apple yard Flower Delivery Service. NHYM 2015. 

So when Appleyard Flowers wanted to send me over a bouquet of flowers, I was more than happy to accept. Flowers make people and a home happy. There are instant happy chemicals released when you look at flowers (same with the sea, if you wanted to know). And after all, it’s never to early to expose your child to creativity and aesthetics for their future career…


I went online and ordered my beautiful bouquet of flowers on: and chose the Violet Orchid Bouquet. There is a large choice of beautiful bouquets to choose from and they can be delivered any day you like. I received the bouquet in a large cardboard box, which revealed a gorgeous array of orchids, roses, thistles and other flowers I can’t name. But wait – it wasn’t exactly the bouquet I ordered, there were red roses instead of light purple ones. I didn’t like the colour scheme as much, so I took out the red roses and put them in a separate flower vase.




Which meant that I now had 2 flower vases to look at. Even more happiness to spread around.


Despite the hiccup of not getting exactly the bouquet I ordered, the bouquet is still really stunning and the flowers fresh and vibrant.



Thank you Appleyard for the wonderful bouquet!

To cheer you up that summer is over, Appleyard is offering a 33% discount to my readers, please quote BLOG33. 

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