Apple yard Flower Bouquet. All photos NHYM 2015 Copyright. 

As you probably know, I love flowers. I’ve already mentioned that I went from Club Hopping to Flower Picking since becoming a mother: and that men should know that women can always be perked up by a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


I’ve also decided that I want my daughters to become florists. Why you may ask? Well, it has been proven that being a florist is the happiest job! Oh and please note: bankers were the unhappiest.

Here’s the full list:


Apple yard Flower Delivery Service. NHYM 2015. 

So when Appleyard Flowers wanted to send me over a bouquet of flowers, I was more than happy to accept. Flowers make people and a home happy. There are instant happy chemicals released when you look at flowers (same with the sea, if you wanted to know). And after all, it’s never to early to expose your child to creativity and aesthetics for their future career…


I went online and ordered my beautiful bouquet of flowers on: and chose the Violet Orchid Bouquet. There is a large choice of beautiful bouquets to choose from and they can be delivered any day you like. I received the bouquet in a large cardboard box, which revealed a gorgeous array of orchids, roses, thistles and other flowers I can’t name. But wait – it wasn’t exactly the bouquet I ordered, there were red roses instead of light purple ones. I didn’t like the colour scheme as much, so I took out the red roses and put them in a separate flower vase.




Which meant that I now had 2 flower vases to look at. Even more happiness to spread around.


Despite the hiccup of not getting exactly the bouquet I ordered, the bouquet is still really stunning and the flowers fresh and vibrant.



Thank you Appleyard for the wonderful bouquet!

To cheer you up that summer is over, Appleyard is offering a 33% discount to my readers, please quote BLOG33. 

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How I went from Club-Hopping to Flower-Picking: The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014

From Louboutins to Lilies, Blahniks to Begonias, and Jimmys to Jasmine…


When I first arrived in London 15 years ago as a young, arrogant, twenty-something, ignorant Chelsea twat, I had heard about the Royal Chelsea Flower Show in a magazine and really wondered what all the fuss was about and what was up with the English’s obsession with gardening. I remember ‘attending’ a dinner party in Hampstead with an ‘older’ boyfriend whose friends were all in their late 30s. One couple described their perfect Saturday morning, which involved gardening in something called an ‘allotment’ and I had thought to myself, how dull and depressing, please don’t ever let me become those people. At that time, I was more interested in dancing on tables at Boujis/China White/Cuckoo Club than to contemplate the virtues of sunlight and flowers on one’s wellbeing. Night-time ‘sprinkling’ to me was a Champagne Sprinkling contest between a French (Dom Perignon) and Italian (Cristal) table at Cuckoo rather than the night-timing of a water sprinkler. Little did I know that flowers really are a key to happiness, not clubbing.


Fast-forward 15 years of living in England, one husband, two children, and three gardens later (and years wiser), I am converted. I can easily go to bed at 9pm, enjoy watching Box Sets on Saturday night, and have become a Flower-Lover and Garden Designer (ie. I tell the Gardener what to do). My vocabulary has gone from Passion Fruit, Watermelon and Lychee Martinis to Agapanthus, Amaryllis, Gladioli, Snapdragons and Foxgloves. My Louboutins have been retired to their cardboard box and Lilies have taken their place in a window box.


And I’ve finally figured out that flowers actually do make me happier. There have been several studies done to prove that flowers have a positive emotional impact on us (, but also makes us healthier (


Gucci has followed my lead this year, and has created its own garden in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, so off I went to the World’s Most Famous Flower Show,  to find out what all the fuss is about. Once there, I finally realised that this so much more than just a flower show, this is an exhibition of art, design and creativity through the medium of flowers which will astound you just as a Zaha Hadid’s architectural sculpture will.


My favourites this year are :

The Telegraph Garden, Gold Medal, which unfortunately lost out to the Laurent Perrier Garden for Best in Show.


The Laurent Perrier Garden, Gold Medal and Best in Show Winner.


Kazuyuki Ishihara’s Artisan Garden, Gold Medal and Best Artisan Garden. He is just brilliant year after year.


Birmingham City Council’s Garden, Gold Medal and winner of the President’s Award, blends sculptures, flowers, gardening techniques and water features into one of the most stunning and remarkable gardens this year. The most awe-inspiring garden of them all.


The Thai-inspired Bunny made of Orchids.


The RHS Chelsea Winner of Plant of the Year: Hydrangea Macrolphylia


And all the other wonderful grown flowers in the Main Pavillion; hanging amaryllis, hyacinths, hydrangeas, sunflowers, hanging bulbs, bougainvilleas, roses, foxgloves, and more.


The Chelsea Flower Show is a reminder than in the midst of our urban jungles, we still have an apprecation for art and beauty in nature, and that despite our lifestyles, all we really crave is an allotment on Saturday to attend to our hydrangeas, jasmines, fuschias, and roses to share with our kids. And all that we really want to be happy are some flowers from our boyfriends/husbands/partners once in a while.





All above photos are my own, taken at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2014 and belong to Notting Hill Yummy Mummy. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2014